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Timeline Stories

Week 7: Temperament tested

It’s important for us to match our puppies to the best possible home and also help owners pick the perfect match.¬†Every pup in a litter is different, some reserved and others outgoing, which is why we personality and temperament test our puppies.

Week 6: Vaccinations

Vaccinations are essential in order to protect your puppy from contagious and potentially fatal diseases. Pups are given their first vaccine at 6 weeks old, followed by two additional vaccinations at week 10 and 12.

Week 4: Early socialisation

As the puppies begin to move around and explore their surroundings, it is vital that they are exposed to a variety of new sights, sounds and smells. We want our puppies to develop into happy, friendly and confident dogs.

Week 3: New food

Puppies are slowly introduced to solid (mush) food, relying less on their mothers milk. We start our puppies on Royal Canin, as well as human-grade mince meat. We advise new puppy owners to continue feeding puppies the same food and slowly transitioning them to a… Read More »Week 3: New food