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Meet our dogs.


Mia is our sweet and beautifully natured blue brindle girl. From a very young age we knew she was something special. Like any other Frenchie she loves cuddling on the couch, but she can also spend hours running around. With so much energy to burn, we enlisted Mia into Dog Agility Training, in which she successfully passed her initial Foundations class – one of few French Bulldogs.

She is 5-panel clear, negative for airways oedema, has a respiratory functional grading of 1, has an excellent spine rating of 1, normal hip scores and is clear for over 200 genetic markers – all of which we are happy to show! In addition, she has the most gentle temperament and is amazing with little children.


Izzy is the newest addition to the YBF family! She recently joined us to fulfill another goal in mind for our program – breeding coat colours that can tolerate the hot, Australian summer! This is a new development for us and something untested in the world of French Bulldogs. It all stemmed from one key question, can lighter coloured dogs reflect heat better than darker dogs and essentially increase their tolerance to heat?

A good example of this is with our other two dogs. Even though Mia is an excellent breather, her darker coat absorbs heat a lot quicker than Ralph. We believe theres more at play with the effects of BOAS than just the anatomical structure of the breed and were keen to explore it further. Stay tuned!


Ralph is sadly no longer with us. While he lived a short and happy life, he was always our number one boy! Ralph was our first French bulldog, and where our love for the breed began. His gorgeous black-masked face and tipped ears gave him an uncanny teddy-bear appearance – garnering attention at every turn! He loved making new friends, but especially playing his favourite game of tug and chase-me. While he wasn’t a part of our breeding program, he will always be remembered in our hearts as the best dog.

Next litter coming in early 2024.